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Who else wants to get rid of Bedsores, MRSA, & other chronic wounds once and for all?

Announcing The Healing Formula™

The Premier All-Natural Wound Care Formula for Quickly & Effectively Healing All Types of Skin Irritations or Problems – Bar None!

Dear Potential The Healing Formula™ Distributor,

Hi, I’m Martin Morisette, co-founder of Bedsore Solutions, LLC the exclusive US distributors of
The Healing Formula™, the premier all-natural wound care formula.

The Healing Formula™ can help solve your patient’s problems with one or more of the following types of wounds: Decubitus Ulcers (bedsores), Diabetic Ulcers, MRSA Infection (staph infection), Burns, Cuts, Rashes, and Other Skin Infections, like Shingles, Eczema, and Psoriasis.

The Healing Formula™ was developed by a homecare nurse with over 30 years experience. We use the finest ingredients including certified Aloe Vera gel with all the beneficial Enzymes still intact, Hydrogen Peroxide and Irish Moss.
The Healing Formula™ works from the inside/out, oxygenating the affected area, stopping the spread of infection, decreasing pain, while promoting healing. There are over 6,000 peer published documents on the ingredients in this formula, with not one adverse reaction reported when used properly.
In the twelve years we’ve been in business, we’ve helped over 10,000 happy, pain free patients get that way by using
The Healing Formula™ for all types of skin problems and wounds. Many of these have been people with problem skin due to pressure sores, diabetic ulcers and MRSA.*

Now, I know. You may have tried many different types of salves, lotions, treatments, and other formulas before. And you may feel this is your last hope. I know, since hundreds of our testimonials come from people just like you—almost ready to give up.

Well, please don’t. I believe if you try The Healing Formula™ exactly as directed on the enclosed brochure, you’ll find amazing results in a very short time.

And since I’m so convinced The Healing Formula™ can help you, I’m going to give you an unheard of guarantee:
My 100% Money-Back Take-It-To-The-Bank Unconditional Guarantee!
Try The Healing Formula™. If you don’t get quick healing and begin to see fast results, I’ll give you your money back—no questions asked. Just remember to follow the instructions in the brochure: You MUST soak a gauze pad in The Healing Formula™, then cover with another pad, and use paper tape to hold the (wet-to-dry) dressing in place. Make sure you change the wound bandage twice daily (morning & night). You will see results in a very short time.