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Food Combination to Control Diabetes And Obesity

If you happen to be diabetic and attempting to lose weight, remember that it isn’t only what you eat or how much that counts; the way that you eat also has an effect. Foods react with each other in different ways. To get the best possible result in terms of weight loss and controlling your blood glucose level, there are some basic guidelines you’ll want to follow.

Each meal should contain a balance of protein and carbohydrates, Fats are OK, but only in moderation. Most of the foods that a diabetic should have will fall under the grouping of carbohydrates. Some of the healthy sources of carbohydrates for diabetics include:

  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Dairy Products
  • Vegetables
  • Bread
  • Beans

are better choices than others; choose fresh and whole wheat whenever possible.

Choosing carbohydrates that are high in fiber can help to reduce your blood glucose levels and will keep you feeling full for longer. Higher fiber content allows you to eat more an item without suffering the consequences later on.

The protein which you have at each meal helps to balance out the rise in blood sugar which can be caused by carbohydrates. Protein will also provide more satiety, so you’ll be less likely to snack in between meals. Lean protein is the way to do (for example, avoid fried meats and remove the skin from chicken before eating).

If you follow a healthy diet plan which has the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins, you’ll be able to lose weight while responsibly managing your diabetes; don’t forget to get regular exercise, since this will give you more energy and assist in weight loss.

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Natural Cures For Diabetes – What About It?

When looking to effect a natural diabetes cure, the biggest part of the challenge you will face in battling the disease is to make a variety of lifestyle changes. A healthier lifestyle overall will go a long way towards not only treating the disease, but helping to prevent its onset. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the more important factors to think about when attempting to use a natural cure for diabetes.

Diet – this is a very important factor in treating and preventing diabetes, as well as maintaining good overall health. Especially for diabetics, diet is vitally important. Keeping a handle on blood sugar levels is one of the keys to a natural diabetes cure. Some foods affect blood sugar levels and of course, general health more so than do others.

Any diabetic diet should severely limit sugar intake. While it is very difficult to avoid sugar entirely, it is certainly possible to avoid high-sugar, refined foods and junk food. A diet which is part of a natural diabetes cure should always include ample green leafy vegetables. All meals should be nutritionally balanced and of course, carbohydrate intake should be carefully controlled.

Exercise – Getting regular exercise is also an important part of a natural diabetes cure. Before getting involved in any kind of exercise routine, you should speak with your doctor. Your physician can tell you how much exercise you can safely start with and when you can begin increasing your level of activity. Walking is an especially good kind of exercise for diabetics, since it stimulates circulation in the legs – which is a common problem for diabetics.

Once you begin a exercise routine, you’ll eventually be able to increase your activity level, which will help you towards a natural diabetes cure. You can see a personal trainer if needed to help you progress towards better health.

Detoxification – Your body will be better prepared to fight off diseases, including diabetes if you help it to work its best by eliminating toxins. Freeing yourself from these toxins stored in the body is one of the first steps to a natural diabetes cure; you can start by drinking lots of water, which will flush toxins out of your body.

Other therapies that will help in detoxification include acupressure and massage. Massage will help relax muscles which in turn will help the muscles to release toxins, and to work them out of the body. Another therapy that will assist in getting rid of unwanted toxins and other substances is mud packs. The mud helps to draw them out and help clear the body.

Any kind of natural diabetes cure should be done under the supervision of your doctor. Your physician will monitor your progress and tell you if your treatment is having an effect and make sure that everything is done in a safe and healthy way. Making some healthy adjustments to your lifestyle is the first step; and these changes are essential to a natural diabetes cure.

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